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We like to think of our team as ever-growing. Therefore, you'll find different positions open at all times. At the moment there are 3, some of which have higher number of seats available. We tend to never close our openings and instead consider people when we believe someone has what it takes, and most importantly belongs.

3 Open Positions

We're working on a popularity search platform based on Google's popular times

For the past couple of months, we've been working on a side project that we're planning to publish in a near future. It is a system for finding popular places around your city, right now solely based on Google's popular times data, however we're planning on expanding this in the next couple of months with our own data sets. We're currently at a polishing stage of the phase 1 (Google Data) so you will most definitely catch a lot of bugs - worry not, we're very well aware of those. After all, it is a beta 😊

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We've recently joined Dribbble

Here at TheHive™, we're quite big on design 🔥, we wanted to start sharing with the world! And since our design team is currently at the stage where it's starting to expand, we're sure this is just about the perfect time to do so.

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The hiveOS™ and the challenges we faced while building an OS for embedded devices

We've just launched a product where we had to develop our own operating system for embedded devices based on Linux Arch distribution. If that statement sounded tough - it was... Within the next couple of weeks, we'll be working on a case study covering all aspects of the project, challenges we faced and the final result that we ended up with.

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